About Me

I was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, but what set me apart as a child was the fact that I was the youngest of the five Partington kids (the kids with unusual names, and I obviously carried on that tradition). Being the youngest of five you had to find ways to either stand out or just sit back and watch it all happen. I tended to sit back and take in everything. I learned from their mistakes and successes to ensure that my life was not just about “following in footsteps” but making my own.

I had always loved to travel and got used to taking thousands of pictures of everything I ever saw. They weren’t all great and sometimes not even memorable. With thousands came a few¬†hidden treasures. I quickly learned at the young age of 12 that I wanted to always capture the moment. In my family I was always the designated photographer. I wanted to make sure we documented every party, birthday, wedding, or anything that I wouldn’t want to forget.

When I went to Ball State University to major in Telecommunications and Digital Imaging, I was particularly excited to spend a semester in London my sophomore year. I took thousands of pictures of everything that I saw. I was sad when I had to figure out how to make my broken camera work. (Note to self: If you drop a broken camera again, it will work for a little bit).

Since college, many weddings and babies later. You will find me picking up my camera documenting the lives of all the ones I love. I am very fortunate to now have a two little girls of my own.  Being a mother and a photographer has given me a different approach to taking photos of children. I try to capture the innocence and personality of my daughters every chance I can get. I know no matter what that photography will always be a priority in my life in capturing the moments that will last a lifetime.